Important Dates:

The Official Dates of Ali Efe the Nomad International Folk Culture Research Symposium

Notification of the Symposium  : on 19th  June 2019

Deadline for Submission of Abstracts:  on 11th October 2019

Submission of Abstracts to the  Audit Committee  : on 12th   October  2019

Deadline for Audit the Abstracts : on  21th October  2019

Meeting for the issued Abstracts : on  23th October 2019

Notification of Accepted Abstracts : on 24th October 2019

Deadline for to issue the completed presentations

before the Symposium: on 15th November 2019

Deadline for Audit Review of completed Texts: on 19th November 2019

 Meeting for evaluating the completed Texts: on 20th November 2019

Announcement of the Official  Final Program: on  21th November 2019

Symposium:  Between   28th-30th November 2019

Deadline to issue of the corrected papers after the symposium: on  20th December  2019

Publication of the Finished  presentations  : on 27th  December 2019

Important Dates:

11 October

Abstract Submission

24 October

Accepted Proocedings Info

15 November

Full Text Submission

28-30 November


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