Ali Efe the Nomad

Ali Efe the Nomad was born in 1895 in the Kavaklı where is the neighborhood of the Sultanhisar district of Aydın. His father’ name was  Apti son of İbrahim who was from the Saritekeli tribe and his mother called Fatma who is from the Atmaca tribe. Both tribes are nomads. Before the National Struggle, he joined in the gang of  Ahmet Efe the Mullah who is from Alanya and wandered through the Aydın Mountains. Ahmet Efe the Mullah was killed in the Bozdoğan Kavaklıdere raid and Yörük Ali became the head of the group as Efe.  Ali Efe the Nomad, who has been wandering in the mountains for more than four years, has always aided, rescued and supported the people who was oppressed, the victimized and the weak, therefore he has been loved and respected by the public.

In 1919, Ali Efe the Nomad took the advantage of the government's amnesty for those who wandering the mountains as gang troops and descended from the mountain. Meanwhile the invasion of İzmir, Aydın, and Nazilli by the Greek Army, he obeyed the invitation of Şefik Bey who was , the commander of the 57th Division of Turkish Regular Forces and joined Kuva-yı Milliye (National Forces). On June 15, 1919, He organized the first big raid Malgaç Raid” with his troops as a National Forces ( Kuva- yı Milliye),  ”. Malgaç Raid that was the first raid on the enemy in Western and Southern Anatolia by the National Forces with regular, conscious and national consciousness. This important achievement was reinforced the leadership of Ali Efe the Nomad and gave hope and courage to the people who increased the belief that the enemy could be expelled from the country. The Greek forces was shocked when they met  this unexpected raid , and withdrew their forces from Nazilli towards Aydın.

Ali Efe the Nomad and his troops who afforded great struggle for the first liberation of Aydın region from the Greek Army the forces which were prevented to headway from the Aydın region wing through the inner Anatolia for over twenty months. Therefore he provided enough time to establish a regular Turkish Army National Forces.

Ali Efe the Nomad and his troops who also afforded to organized a congress in Nazilli and established a  National Forces in Aydın region and its vicinity Division and provided many raids against Greek Army Forces. He also provided the support of vital basic needs to the people who forced to migrate from their home by the Greek army invaders as well as supplied a great support to the new established Turkish Army Forces from environment of Aydın and Muğla.

Ali Efe the Nomad convinced every single member of his large troops who has the combat experience to integrate with the Turkish National Army Force. He served his country as the “Commander of the National Forces Aydın Front Division until the end of the war.


Ali Efe the Nomad  is a humble person. The following response to praise for his role in the National War of Independence of Turkish Republic will always be remembered.


“It is not right  to accept  all the compliments only for  myself and  my troops  have done for the National Independence War .  There was not  the importance of one person, five people have done in National Turkish Independence War. Each patriot who has a homeland bearer  in his heart thought like us ,felt like us in those days and supported and stood by us. The Lion’s share did not belong for myself as an individual in Turkish Independence War .One hand can  not clap itself .

Ali Efe the Nomad lived in İzmir for six years after the Turkish War of Independence. He was awarded by the Grand National Assembly of Turkey with the medal of Independence and became an exemplary figure in the transition from the title of  Efe  to Republican citizenship. In 1928, he moved to Yenipazar where he used to have his headquarters in the War of Independence. In 1951, he died in Bursa, where he went for treatment. Ali Efe the Nomad asked  to be buried in Yenipazar  according to his will.

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