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Full text & Abstract submissions must be mailed to

Full Text Terms & Conditions 

The essays that would be submitted should be formatted as follows.

1.Title: The title should be in capital letters, bold and centered. The  Author’s  Name and Surname should be written below and right-aligned. The Author’s Title, Institution, e-mail address should be provided with a footnote that  is unnumbered  below the page

2.Abstract: An abstract should be provided in Turkish and English which should not be more than 250 words in Font of 10pt.The title should be remarked in English abstract as well.

3. The  Font Typeface should be Times New Roman and point size 12 pt. The Point size of Table, Footnote and sources should be 10pt.

4.The Main Body :The main body of the paper should be written in Microsoft Word and blocked style  and the magrin should be provided  3,5 cm s, above and below and to the right and left of the main body .The Header & Footer should be provided as  1,25 cm from above and below.

.5. Line Spacing: There sould be no line spacing .The indentation should be 0 cm.   The Line spacing of the paragraphs  should be formatted as the  first 6nk  then  6 nk.             


Terms and Conditions for Citations and References


Example: Anderson, Matthew, Smith Eastern Question 1774-1923, 2nd Edition, trans: İdil Eser, İstanbul: Yapı Kredi Publication, 2010.


Matthew Smith Anderson, Eastern Question 1774-1923, 2nd Edition,( trans: İdil Eser) , Yapı Kredi Publication, İstanbul:  2010 . p 259.

c.  APA Format for Footnotes:

The Footnotes should be provided in the text as  (Anderson, 2010: 259).

c.  APA Format for References:

Anderson, M.S. 2010. Eastern Question 1774-1923, 2nd Edition, (trans: İdil Eser), İstanbul: Yapı Kredi Publication.

References should be provided like the Footnotes  at the end of the paragraphs in an alphabetical order  .

7. Tables and graphs should be numbered separately . When the  sources of tables or graphs  are provided  below should be written in the font of 10 pt .

8.Original documents, pictures, maps and similar images of which are not directly related to the text should not be included in the paragraph  unless they should be numbered at the end of the text.

High-resolution images must also be saved on CD and sent.

9. The Manuscripts of presentations  should be between 10 and 20 pages long.

Important Dates:

11 October

Abstract Submission

24 October

Accepted Proocedings Info

15 November

Full Text Submission

28-30 November


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