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The symposium is open to the participation of academicians and researchers in Turkey and abroad. Therefore, Candidates who wish to participate should submit their abstracts which composed with 200-250 words and  included  the purpose, method, sources to be used and possible findings in Turkish and English until 11 October 2019 with the Application Form that is provided as the Subject title  “Yörük Ali Efe is the Abstract of the International Folk Culture Research Symposium Proceedings” with an attached file  to  e-mail address  To yorukalisempozyum@gmail.comThe abstracts will be evaluated by the members of the Organizing and Scientific Committees considering the symposium issues, compliance with scientific formats and their originality of the studies. The confirmed studies will be informed to the interested parties and completed studies should be provided until 19 November 2019 which is the deadline as to be included in the completed schedule of the symposium. The language of the symposium is Turkish and English.


The confirmed studies’ texts as a Word Documents which is composed according to the format should be provided as attached  To yorukalisempozyum@gmail.com  with the Subject of Yörük Ali Efe International Folk Culture Research Symposium Full-Text id by November 19, 2019. The completed studies which confirmed will be reviewed by the Organizing Committee according to their compliance with the summary and scientific requirements and will be included in the Symposium Program. After the symposium the full texts should be provided to yorukalisempozyum@gmail.com with the Subject of “Yörük Ali Efe International Folk Culture Research Symposium Paper is Corrected Full Text” until December 20, 2019.

Important Dates:

11 October

Abstract Submission

24 October

Accepted Proocedings Info

15 November

Full Text Submission

28-30 November


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